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At Your Side During Divorce Proceedings

Under even the best of circumstances, divorce is stressful. Everything valuable in your life is potentially at stake, including your family, home and children. It is necessary to make the right decisions because mistakes can be costly.

As family law and divorce attorneys at Gordner, Hess & Reimiller, we dedicate ourselves to doing what is right by you. We will offer you the assistance you require and provide you reassurances throughout the entire process. When possible, we will resolve vital divorce issues in the least contentious matter. However, when necessary, we are always ready to protect your interests in court.

Advocating For You During Child Custody And Child Support Matters

Nothing is more critical during a divorce or any other family law matter than addressing your child’s needs and best interests. Courts will make decisions regarding a child’s schooling, medical care, and daily and long-term needs.

Deciding on custody arrangements can be challenging. Child custody rulings will determine where the child will live, who will make essential decisions for the child, and how the parents will divide up their time visiting and nurturing the child.

Whether negotiation or litigation, our attorneys will fight for your interests as a parent. We will put together a workable visitation schedule, and we will make sure any child support determinations are fair while meeting the child’s mental, emotional and physical needs.

Meeting Your Own Financial And Personal Needs

It is crucial to protect your financial future during a divorce. Without proper representation, you may lose that which you deserve during the complex property division process. Understanding the value of assets and what you deserve to receive under Pennsylvania law is essential. We will guide you toward making the right choices.

The courts also may fail to provide you the spousal support you require. On the other hand, the court may ask you to pay more than is fair or necessary. Because of our attention to detail, we do what we can to make certain you will not struggle financially following a divorce.

We Will Be There By Your Side

At Gordner, Hess & Reimiller, our attorneys and staff consider Berwick to be their home. We understand its family law courts and know what steps to take to protect you. To find out more and to set up an initial consultation, please send us an email or call us at 570-559-5377.