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Last updated on January 5, 2023

At Gordner, Hess & Reimiller, we see the future not as something to be feared, but rather as an exciting new frontier. Our perspective on the Berwick and surrounding area is equally sunny. When we consider the future of our community and the communities that surround us, we look for the pillars that currently make our neighborhood great and strive to foster those supports and set the foundation for new ones.

For more than 30 years, our attorneys have been helping small businesses lay the groundwork for success. Contact us at our Berwick office to learn more.

Building Your Business From The Ground Up

A business has to start with an idea, but an idea alone cannot make your business a reality. Whether this is your first foray into entrepreneurship or you are a seasoned veteran, there are months of hard work ahead of you before you can open your doors.

We at Gordner, Hess & Reimiller understand the process from start to finish, and are more than willing to stand alongside you as you take your business from great idea to great accomplishment.

Forming your business entity involves one of the most nuanced decisions you will make during the life of your business, and your decision can have career-long implications for your business. Our skilled business law attorneys can help you decide between the common options for small businesses, including:

  • General partnership
  • Pennsylvania limited partnership
  • Limited liability partnership or limited liability limited partnership
  • Limited liability company

Each option has its benefits and restrictions. By opening clear lines of communication, we can fit your vision for the future of your business to an entity that meets your needs.

Maintaining The Strength And Integrity Of Your Business

Once your business has been established, you may encounter legal challenges that could alter your vision. Dozens of businesses have trusted Gordner, Hess & Reimiller to help them find solutions to their most pressing needs.

From our office in Berwick, we advise businesses facing a broad spectrum of challenges, including:

  • Employment contracts
  • Employment disputes, including termination issues
  • Conflicts regarding partnership or shareholder agreements
  • Real estate problems, such as title disputes or zoning concerns
  • Discrimination or harassment allegations

No matter what obstacle your business is facing, you can rely on Gordner, Hess & Reimiller to help get you through.

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